The Samburu Girls Foundation journalism club currently has 13 members who can research, script and present news. The girls, who voluntarily joined the club have been writing stories, taking pictures and scripting for both broadcast and print at the center, Samburu Girls Foundation. They then present the stories to their sisters during the morning assembly.

During that morning session, two presenters alternate reading different script sections, quoting interviewees as the rest of the journalism club notes down their observations to present during their club meetings. Each group has a presenter, a script writer, an editor and a photographer.

Although not all of them would like to be journalists, the confidence they have built in interviewing people, gathering information and seeking indepth explanations to rising issues prepares them to be change makers in their communities.

The girls, who come from four different counties are able to do news reports, with a knowledge of how to use journalism’s 5 Ws and a H, frame pictures using the rule of thirds, understand various camera shots which include The long shot and Medium Long Shot (LS and MLS), Medium Shot (MS) and Close Ups (CU, MCU and EXCU); and camera angles.

Among the interviews done is one that was done with Serah Teshna, a TV personality hosting a morning show at K24. “It was a life changing opportunity,” said Lucy Eiyapan, who interviewed the celebrity at the center in Samburu.

The girls’ passion for storytelling has already been felt within the community. Apart from covering events at the center, such as a recent football tournament where Samburu Girls Foundation football team won all its matches, the girls have also done stories, highlighting the water shortage at the center in Loosuk and a new technology that provides pure, clean drinking water to the girls in the water-starved area.

Giving these girls an opportunity to share their stories, and experiences, is a life changer. If they know how to challenge existing problems, they shall be able to make a bigger difference in society, empowering both boys and girls to achieve their life dreams as well as making a difference in their communities.


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  1. Musa lekupe-Reply
    November 15, 2018 at 8:09 pm

    Good work Josephine may God bless you in your mission and give strength in all that you are planning to do

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